Step 1: Infuse Oil with Herbs

An infused oil is similar to other herbal extractions, like tinctures, vinegars, etc., the only difference is that you infuse herbs into oil!

It's easiest to use dry herbs to infuse oils. However, you may also use fresh herbs in some cases (calendula, St. John's wort and arnica work well from fresh). The trick is that with fresh herbs there is water content which may cause the oil to go bad - make sure there are no air bubbles below the surface, and check the top for signs of mold. In this lesson we are focusing on making oils with dried herbs.

There are a few variations, all of which start with the same first steps:

  1. Put dried herbs in a jar
  2. Cover with oil so the oil rises about 1 inch above the herb


  1. Sun-infused oil: Let sit in a sunny window for a few weeks, then strain and use.
  2. Double boiler: Place your jar in a double-boiler for 30-60 minutes, then strain and use.
  3. Oven: Place the jar in the oven on very low heat for an hour, then strain and use.

Emma explains more in this video:

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