There's a lot of information out there about herbs, not to mention a whole lot of products to choose from at the stores. It can all be a little confusing and even overwhelming. We know how you feel, because before our training that was us too.

Now our team of herbalists helps guide people to better understanding herbs every day at our herb shop and clinic. And after a combined many years of teaching in person, we decided to put together these online courses. Our intention is to share the foundations of herbalism in a simple, streamlined and accessible way.

Herbal medicine is our love and passion. It's a beautiful thing to bring the healing power of the plants into our everyday lives for better health. With this practice we deepen our relationship with nature and nurture our community's caring of the natural environment.

Another thing we love is that herbal medicine is so grassroots - anyone can wild harvest or grow their own herbal medicines to care for themselves and others. And herbs are also a lot of fun!

So come along and join us on the journey of plant medicine. We look forward to supporting you along the way.

About our Team of Teachers

We're a worker-owned cooperative in Burlingotn, VT whose mission is to nurture individual, social, and ecological health through herbal medicine. We do this through our herb store, herbal clinic and herbal learning programs. Learn more at

Collectively we have many years experience working with plant medicine to help people move toward better health. We're excited to make knowledge of herbal medicine available to you!